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But, if not… -- Part One

A common experience in gaining a basic testimony that God answers prayers tends to be in praying to find something that has been lost. When car keys, glasses, jewelry, or any important item goes missing, I often find myself stopping to say a humble and heartfelt prayer to plea for guidance on where to begin my search. Often, I am able to clear my mind, listen to promptings, and locate the item soon after my prayer has ended. It is a comforting reassurance that God knows His children personally and cares about even the mundane difficulties in their lives. I know these prayers for missing objects do not only occur in my household, for rarely does a monthly testimony meeting go by without a similar faith-promoting story being shared by a member of my congregation. 

Why Texas A&M Aggies Make Great Mormons

When I was nearing the end of my high school career many of my friends assumed I would be continuing my education at what they referred to as “the Mormon School,” namely BYU. This idea isn’t totally erroneous. It does seem to be a trend among Mormon education seekers to make the trek to Utah for the cheap tuition, academic and spiritual enlightenment, and--let’s be real--the dating pool. They were always somewhat surprised to learn that I had no interest in BYU and that I was actually headed to Aggieland; the home of Texas A&M University.

Juggling Life

Rubber balls and glass balls—we all juggle both kinds. The trick is to not let the glass balls drop, and to keep picking up the rubber ones that do.

Life is full of so much stuff: important stuff, fun stuff, hard stuff, and inconsequential stuff. One key to happiness is learning where to put our focus. There is always good, better, and best.

Lectures on Love - 5 Times Pres. Nelson Taught from the Heart

As a well-known surgeon, Russel M. Nelson became an expert on the heart.  His lectures on love show that this expertise goes far beyond the operating room.  Below, examples of five times he spoke from the heart, teach us of the importance of strengthening the power of love.

6 Acronyms for Spiritual Growth

The restored gospel of Jesus Christ has one purpose; “to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.” Everything within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints works towards that purpose in one way or another, from living prophets and renewal of covenants to ward camp outs and potlucks. As a logophile, or lover of words, I can't help but appreciate how even acronyms have become a useful tool in this divine mission. Here are 6 helpful acronyms to make use of in the pursuit of spiritual growth.