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It’s Better to Look Up

The news has been overwhelmingly full of terrible things lately. It just seems to never stop, and no one is immune from hard times.

I remember almost five years ago, sitting in the Provo Temple waiting to go into the endowment session. There I was sitting next to my husband and no one else in the entire room knew I had delivered a 5 lb, 8 oz baby girl just about two weeks before and that we buried her one week before then. I thought about the person sitting next to me on my other side, and the people in front and behind me. What were they going through? It reminded me of the quote: "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." And while we don't always see or know of the battles those around us face, everyone faces hard times.

When I Felt Like the Worst Mom Ever--God Disagreed

My youngest child has a shoe problem.

Lest anyone should suppose this problem involves over-shining, let me explain. This boy’s shoe setback is that he cannot keep shoes around long enough to wear them out. I have provided a convenient shoe basket, 17 inches from the door, but this has not solved the problem. Not counting hand-me-downs, this one child has required more shoes than the other two, combined. Countless minutes are wasted each week looking for lost companions to flip-flops, just so we can make it to appointments on time.

Confessions of an Apathetic Conference Viewer

If you are a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or are closely associated with someone who is, you are probably aware of General Conference.

General Conference is a biannual gathering of members of the LDS faith to listen to talks and teachings of the Lord’s called and appointed prophets, apostles, and other leaders of the church. It is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah and transmitted all over the world in many languages. It is part of the basic belief of the church that God lives and that He continues to communicate with us and provide revelation for us in these latter-days. Just last weekend was the fall conference.

A Fix for Fear


It comes to all of us in many different forms for a million different reasons.

In The Book of Mormon, in Mosiah chapter 23, Alma and his people were prospering in the land of Helam when a Lamanite army made their appearance. We all have our own armies appear daily in the forms of fear, anxiety, stress etc. Whether it’s fear of an unknown future or a natural disaster, something currently happening that’s anxiety inducing or stressful, or just feeling scared from a circumstance we can't control—perhaps that my toddler won’t make it in time to go to the bathroom in a public place—the armies always come.

Together Forever: A Story of Learning, Loss, Leaving, and Love

This is from a dear friend of Melodee's who wishes to remain anonymous, but wanted to share her conversion story, her wrestle with God, and how she made her way back.

Technically, I was raised as a Lutheran, but my parents taught me opposing doctrines of their own ideas about “God.” One parent believed that “God” was a word meaning “pure love energy” with zero control in the universe; The other taught about a spiteful, angry being in the sky who demanded we worship him and call him “father.” This teaching was confusing, and I grew up never thinking of God as one I would want to turn to for answers or comfort, let alone one who would bestow blessings.