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Juggling Life

Rubber balls and glass balls—we all juggle both kinds. The trick is to not let the glass balls drop, and to keep picking up the rubber ones that do.

Life is full of so much stuff: important stuff, fun stuff, hard stuff, and inconsequential stuff. One key to happiness is learning where to put our focus. There is always good, better, and best.

Lectures on Love - 5 Times Pres. Nelson Taught from the Heart

As a well-known surgeon, Russel M. Nelson became an expert on the heart.  His lectures on love show that this expertise goes far beyond the operating room.  Below, examples of five times he spoke from the heart, teach us of the importance of strengthening the power of love.

6 Acronyms for Spiritual Growth

The restored gospel of Jesus Christ has one purpose; “to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.” Everything within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints works towards that purpose in one way or another, from living prophets and renewal of covenants to ward camp outs and potlucks. As a logophile, or lover of words, I can't help but appreciate how even acronyms have become a useful tool in this divine mission. Here are 6 helpful acronyms to make use of in the pursuit of spiritual growth. 

Increasing Faith in Heavenly Father and in Jesus Christ and His Atonement

This post was originally shared as a talk at stake conference of the College Station Stake in 2017.

I was born with a congenital heart defect and consequently underwent open heart surgery right before I turned 5. Five years later, I was diagnosed with exercise-induced asthma. And five years after that, I fractured my back in a sledding accident. So it may not be a surprise that exercise has never come naturally or easily to me.

The Night I Learned that President Nelson Still "Looks on the Heart"

As Church members around the world prepare for the leadership of President Russell M. Nelson, I look forward to the ways his prophetic leadership will help us all strengthen our personal spirituality. The recent challenges President Nelson has issued—for example, to read every passage of scripture about the Savior from the Topical Guide and to list the many ways our lives have been blessed by the Book of Mormon—have brought greater spiritual power into our lives.

This past week, I have reflected on a memorable experience I had with President Nelson during my full-time mission, which taught me the power of his individual care.