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Doubt, Perspective, Belief

Yesterday I had the kind of day where stress coiled my right shoulder and neck into a tight, angry thing. I couldn’t sleep well. I was tired and burdened. It was just a lot to internalize. I’m not being specific, but it was the kind of day that makes me say, “Oh hey, world. I really love you, but wow, you aren’t the easiest thing to navigate, are you?”

How to Suffer Successfully

I have recently been introduced to the world of podcasts and, wow, what a world! One show that I have enjoyed is called The Art of Manliness. Topics range from relationship research, fitness and financial tips, and leadership techniques, to the meaning of beards. So, man or woman, clean-shaven or scruffy-faced, there is really something for everyone. Episode #345 focused on Ed Latimore, an author who has recently found success with the telling of his life’s trials and how they have helped him become successful. One of the highlighted steps to success was knowing how to suffer.

New Ward; Same House

When our young family moved from Texas to Southern Florida for Grad School several years ago, we did not have much time to scout out a place to live.  In fact, my husband spent one weekend—alone—securing a condo we could afford in a safe area.  The neighborhood was great, but our ward had a few challenges. 

Living the Gospel with Grit and Real Intent

What if your prayers aren’t answered? Or the thing you are praying for doesn’t come to pass.

It’s Better to Look Up

The news has been overwhelmingly full of terrible things lately. It just seems to never stop, and no one is immune from hard times.

I remember almost five years ago, sitting in the Provo Temple waiting to go into the endowment session. There I was sitting next to my husband and no one else in the entire room knew I had delivered a 5 lb, 8 oz baby girl just about two weeks before and that we buried her one week before then. I thought about the person sitting next to me on my other side, and the people in front and behind me. What were they going through? It reminded me of the quote: "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." And while we don't always see or know of the battles those around us face, everyone faces hard times.