Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Is Easter Pointless?

I love the first couple of weeks after any major holiday, Easter is no exception. As my ever so thrifty mother and grandmother have taught me, the best deals for next year’s holidays happen just after this year’s. I have observed time and time again that upon entering any major retailer for the first couple of weeks after a holiday there will be found many discounted eggs, decorations and cheap chocolate. The deals are unbeatable and who doesn’t like to stock up?

I recently went to the store for exactly this reason. As I perused the aisles I observed that, though there were bunnies and chicks and eggs, there weren’t near as many decorations or themes as there are for other holidays. This brought to mind a conversation that I recently overheard exploring the apparent lack of purpose for Easter and asking why we even celebrated such a boring holiday. A boring holiday… I have to admit that at times the reason for the season can be forgotten behind the egg hunts and dresses and baskets. But Easter is the farthest from “boring” or “pointless” that it could be.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

I Like General Conference Better After It’s Over

I’m one of those church members who often feels guilty about the fact that I don’t like General Conference.  Don’t get me wrong.  I sustain our church leaders, love the messages that come from their talks, and enjoy the spiritual renewal from personal revelation and answers to prayers that often accompanies General Conference.  However, these things usually happen for me the week after conference is over and into the following months, once the text and videos are released online and in printed form.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

#LDSconf Wallpapers For Your Phone

Every six months LDS Conference helps build our faith and strengthens our resolve to do better and be more Christlike. We took six of our favorite quotes from this past weekend and created wallpapers that can be saved to your phone and then set as your lock screen or background. This is a fun and easy way to remain focused your goals for the next six months.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

General Conference Provided an Answer I Didn't Know I Needed

The circumstances leading up to general conference last spring were no different for me than the session six months prior to that, except that I found myself in a new leadership position in my ward. As I prepared to participate in conference, there were a couple of specific questions surrounding my new calling that led me to seek answers from the Lord during that special time of instruction, which, as has been promised by our leaders, were revealed to me by the time conference was over.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

How Pizza Strengthened My Testimony

I have often found myself repeating this phrase, “It has come to pass; it has not come to stay.” I use it to channel and concentrate my efforts to maintain a positive perspective during the trying times of my life. My own experiences include trials such as group projects, illnesses and being the “new kid” at school or work; though the concept could apply to any kind of difficulty. These last few weeks I have pondered how this concept of endurance has made an impact on my state of mind and in my life. I wondered what the most impactful experience that I had while channeling this idea was.

Some of you may be empathetic, but I imagine that most will be surprised by the answer: wedding planning.