8 LDS books women should read

One of my favorite scriptures reads... 
And as all have not faith, seek ye diligently and teach one another words of wisdom; yea, seek ye out of the best books words of wisdom; seek learning, even by study and also by faith. (D&C 88:118) 
For me reading provides a great relief from the day-to-day stresses that occur. Reading the right book can set the tone for how I'm feeling throughout the day. It can lift me up and inspire me to become more than what I am. Aside from the scriptures, these are some great books for moments in life when you need a little inspiration.

When you want to learn from your past.

This book includes teachings, stories, and examples from the history of Relief Society. The introduction explains that, "as you study this history you will see that our Heavenly Father knows His daughters, that He loves them, that He trusts them with sacred responsibilities, and that He guides them as they fulfill those responsibilities."

When you need to relax.

Finding June Series
by Shannen Crane Camp
Get to know June, a teenage girl discovering how to stand up for what she believes in, as she goes through work and school. This series is a fun, clean read when you have some down time. So far, each book had been nominated for a Whitney Award, an awards program for LDS authors, and it is a great series to share with teenage young women.

When you feel lonely.

Forget Me Not
by Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Based off of one of his most influential talks, this book reminds us of five things we should never forget. The most important of these things being that our Heavenly Father loves us infinitely. No matter how small we may feel we are never forgotten. 

When you need someone to look up to.

This book is best described by the author herself who said, "This book is not a recipe for others to follow, but just one more example of the gospel in action in the life of a fellow sojourner, [but] maybe, just maybe, we who read it will be inspired to try a little harder to be a little better — to become the people the Lord knows we can be."

When life gets hard.

It is clear, life is hard. However, by learning to rely on the Lord, hard things can become easier. Dew's word help lessen the trials we have and see the good in the trials we must experience.

When you want to feel closer to the Savior.

Infinite Atonement
by Tad R. Callister
A comprehensive view of the Atonement that can lead to greater understanding and appreciation for what the Savior has done for us.

When you need some everyday inspiration.

Stand a Little Taller
by Gordon B. Hinckley
Containing 365 quotes and scriptures, you can read this book a little every day for an uplifting moment.

When you wonder how to improve.

What Would A Holy Woman Do?
by Wendy Watson Nelson
Nelson asks several women to go on a three day challenge doing a task the way a holy woman would do it. The experiences gained are very interesting and may inspire you to do your own three day challenge.

— Lisa Devey


  1. I love "Glimpses", I love "Daughters In My Kingdom" and I look forward to reading the rest.

  2. Great list! I would add "A Quiet Heart" by Patricia Holland. I don't know if it's still in stores but it is available to download.

  3. i love 'if life were easy, it wouldn't be hard' and 'stand a little taller.'

  4. I am patting myself on the back. I choose not to play candy crush saga, farm whatever it is etc, any games online. If I have time to play games, I have time to read good books. I have read most of the above mentioned/recommended books. Go me... I love it when I choose as Dallin H. Oaks said "good, better, best" and i am chosing the best!

    1. Denise, you've inspired me to follow your example! I spend way more time on the computer playing silly games than I should, then whine that I don't have enough time to read.

    2. Brilliant. Goodbye free cell, hello good book.

  5. Like red rabbit family, I would also add "A Quiet Heart"-that's one of my favorites. "Glimpses" is wonderful!

  6. We have two of the above and love them. All would be well worth the read and we always love an inspiring book.

  7. The God Who Weeps by Terryl and Fiona Givens is an incredible look at the LDS view of who God is, and what He is like. Highly recommended!

    1. Loved hearing from them at a Time Out for Women. Thank you for the recommendation.

  8. I've got to add ' No Doubt About It' by Sheri Dew. Completely changed the way I viewed myself. Some of the best insight into the eternal nature of our souls I've ever read.

  9. A Heart Like His by Virginia Pearce - a must read! http://www.amazon.com/Heart-Like-His-Making-Space/dp/1590385446

  10. Any book by Chieko Okazaki. I also have found comfort and inspiration in books authored by Neal Maxwell, Robert Millet and Jeffrey Holland. Loved Patricia Holland's "A Quiet Heart"...Look forward to reading the last two books written by the Givens.