15 Signs You Might Be a Texas Mormon

If you’ve ever been to Texas, then you know that it’s a world all of its own. And if you are, or know a Mormon, then you are probably familiar with some of the cultural quirks and traditions. Texas Mormons combine a rich heritage with ardent pride in their culture and state, resulting in a wonderful and unique group of people. Here are 15 tell-tale signs you might just be a Texas Mormon. 

1.  If you attend a ward BBQ outside of Texas, you are disappointed to be served hamburgers and hot dogs rather than brisket, pulled pork, or smoked turkey.

2.  You have likely visited one of the following cities multiple times: Dallas, Houston, Lubbock, or San Antonio.

3.  You have floated the river for a youth or young single adult activity.
How to Stop Floating and Stand Up. 7 Essentials.

4.  A house divided might mean BYU vs. UT

5.  You’ve heard the following phrases spoken over the pulpit (and you know what they mean): y’all, all y’all, fix’n, fix’n to, hook ‘em, or gig ‘em.
 Sustaining Church leaders is a vital part of our faithfulness.

6.  The Santa Claus that visited your ward Christmas party was wearing cowboy boots.

7.  As a high school student, you got extra excited about the chance of ice or snow because that meant early morning seminary would be cancelled.

8.  Prominently displayed in your home are a picture of your children at the temple and a picture of your children in the bluebonnets. 

Photo credit: Stacey Childs

9.  You have eaten at Cici’s Pizza after a youth temple trip.

10.  In Sunday school you’ve had a debate over Chupacabra sightings.

11.  You can remember a time when it was 70 degrees when you got to church, but when church ended the temperature had dropped 30 degrees. 

12.  You know that donuts at a church activity are standard.

13.  On a ward campout you can expect to have breakfast tacos rather than traditional pancakes for breakfast the next morning (and this campout would be in March, not in the summer).
A Rudy's Breakfast Taco

14.  You’ve had (or have been to) a garage sale for a youth fundraiser and it was wildly successful. 
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15.  You are fiercely proud of your state and your faith.

Jefra Rees is the wife of a loving husband and the mother of a young son with sensory processing challenges. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Child Development and also has a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Special Education, both from the University of Texas at Austin. She has worked with children and families in a variety of settings, but her greatest work is that which is done in her own home.


  1. Every. Single. One. Oh so true!! Love this! Gave us a good laugh! :)

    Just had an experience with #1 when a sweet lady in CA was hosting a birthday celebration for my missionary son. When she said BBQ I envisioned a Texas BBQ. When we got to talking she was confused what I was talking about. We finally figured out I was talking "Texas BBQ" and she was talking "California BBQ". haha! We combined and he had a Texas Themed (California) BBQ celebration! lol! :)

  2. #1 is so true! My oldest daughter experienced this when BYU Idaho promised the freshman a BBQ dinner. She was disappointed to discover that it was hot dogs and hamburgers. She said, "What the heck is this? This isn't BBQ!" Everyone there from Texas was scratching their heads and saying the same thing.

    1. My daughter right now is at BYU Idaho and one of the first things that she said when she came back with a did not know how to do barbecue the correct way she was so disappointed with the hamburgers and hotdogs I guess we just have a higher standard in Texas


  4. Moved to Texas from Utah and lived there for three years. Yeah, it's a whole different world!! Now live in Kansas and find myself missing Texas!

  5. Oddly enough, shortly after I moved there, I was planning a Utah style bbq for a work function thinking hamburger and hot dogs. My dining services manager, (a native Texan) had to set me straight after explaining what I was thinking about serving.

  6. We don't even think about these things, but it's fun to see them listed. Texas is a great place to live, a great place to be a

    1. I was thinking the same thing. I honestly thought it was the same everywhere. I guess I am blessed!

  7. How about a bbq to tailgate the BYU fireside? Not the game. The fireside. And yes, we did it.

    Welcome to Texas, Cougars!

  8. We are in Texas on a mission and that was sooo good! Joanne Fillmore

  9. I lived in TX most of my life. I can relate to all but #10. Even though I don't live in TX anymore I still have #8 on my walls. I love the #2 pic of the San Antonio temple with the bluebonnets. Is there any way to order a copy of that picture?

  10. Y'all got all that right. Now what? Time to rock 'n roll and do the rodeo!

  11. Chupacabra! Definitely! But not donuts, it's kolaches.

  12. HAHAHA! True. A Texas mom and her return missionary son were transplanted to Utah in 2011. He found Miss Right and they were planning their wedding. His dad's engagement ring to his mom for his girl-check. Reserve Bountiful Temple-check. Order wedding cake-check. Plan a Texas reception BBQ menu-check. WHAT!? What do you mean you do not eat at the reception? You do what in Utah? Cake and ice cream? Son tells Mom-my reception will be ruined. I cannot have loaded BBQ nachos. What kind of state is this? Mom to Son-it isn't Texas. It's funny now, but you know how the stress of weddings goes, so it was a nightmare at the time.