10 Great LDS Blogs to Follow

In August 2014, Elder David A. Bednar urged members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to use social media to flood the earth with gospel messages. Before Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat, blogs were one of the first ways to create your own space on the Internet and voice your opinion, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Many LDS members, including our team here at AggielandMormons.org, have done this and see it as a missionary tool. Here are 10 great LDS blogs that share a gospel message of hope, faith, and belief with their readers.

PC: Facebook
After a 2008 plane crash left more than 80 percent of her body covered in burns, Stephanie Nielson’s already popular blog changed dramatically. Her inspiring story and journey after the crash has been followed by thousands of people through her blog. Despite her trials she remains firm in her faith of the restored gospel and Jesus Christ. She was featured on a Mormon Message YouTube video and has published a book Heaven is Here in 2012.   

PC: LDS.net
Known by some as the “Tattooed Mormon” Al Fox has dedicated her space of the Internet to bearing testimony of God’s plan of happiness and encouraging others to live righteously without judgements. She gained popularity through her social media presence and has been featured on the cover of magazines and has been the feature speaker at many youth conferences, firesides and more. Her story is an example of the changes and happiness the gospel can bring while still remaining true to yourself.  

PC: The Small Seed
The women at The Small Seed describe themselves best. 
“We’re 5 friends with 1 belief: God is real. And frankly, we’re over feeling like talking about Him is taboo… The Small Seed is our attempt to break the unwritten rule that people don’t talk about faith anymore.”
Liz Jensen heads the group of women that come from different professions and backgrounds but share a deep faith and love of God. They feature story profiles of faith as well as fun ideas and downloads.

PC: LeadingLDS
Kurt Francom has been running Leading LDS for five years. He currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah where he is an LDS bishop. He has served in the church as an elder's quorum president, executive secretary, bishop’s counselor, and high priest group leader as well. Leading LDS is a community of Latter-day Saints that deal with leadership challenges as they strive to build the Kingdom of God in the last days. This site provides information, research, and ideas that will help you become a better LDS leader.

PC: Greg Trimble
Trimble is a tech entrepreneur who grew up in the church but strayed some in his teens and lost focus on the important things in life. Some good friends and a girlfriend (now wife) helped him gain a vision of his true identity. He served an LDS mission, which he says changed his life and has helped fuel his passion for life. His posts about faith, family, leadership and more are found to be thought provoking and reflective in a way that makes you want to be better.

PC: Chelsea Dyeng
Chelsea has been blogging for nearly a decade. About a year ago she started her new blog, Vitamin C. She has a page dedicated to strange Mormon customs and frequently writes her testimony and lessons learned from living the gospel. Chelsea’s writing is easy to read and uplifting to the soul, and she often weaves her great sense of humor into her posts. Her first novel, The Cenote, will be released soon in November 2015.

PC: Jason Wright
Wright is a New York Times best selling author and is known for his book Christmas Jars and its service movement. Wright writes columns for the Deseret News and Northern Virginia Daily. His website says 
...I write columns about my faith or on topics that might be more interesting to fellow members of the Church. The majority of work will appeal to Christians of all types, and even to those who do not belong to any organized religion. I have deep respect for the freedom of religion. I am grateful for our rights to believe and worship as we choose, or not at all.” 
PC: Facebook

Ari is a recent English graduate of Utah State University and loves to write. In addition to writing for her blog she is one of three primary authors for MormonBuzzz.com and regularly has work featured on LDSLiving.com. She had dedicated her space of the Internet to openly discussing the principles and culture of the church in a fun easy to read way.

PC: Nurturing Marriage

The Jacobs are both alums of Brigham Young University currently living in Colorado with their two sons. The two have created a team of contributors that post on how to enhance the love of their marriage.  
“We believe in marriage. We believe in nurturing marriage. We believe that marriages can be beautiful, meaningful, and fulfilling. Having said that, we know that marriage is something you have to work at, and be intentional about. "Happily ever after," can be a reality, but it requires effort, determination, and commitment - from both spouses.”
They cover topics of all aspects of marriage and also interview and collaborate with other relationship experts to to explore new methods and tips.

Andrew Devey is currently a communications specialist at Sam Houston State University. He graduated from BYU with a degree in communications with an emphasis in public relations. He is also a sports junkie and dessert connoisseur. He is a Texas convert by marriage, but still longs for Big Sky Country, where he served his mission. He is married to Lisa, and what he loves most is being the father to his son and twin girls.

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