Uplifting Easter Resources

One of my favorite general authority quotes comes from Elder Bruce R. McConkie when he said...
"How do we know that Jesus is the Christ? It's because he was resurrected.
How do we know that Jesus was resurrected? It's because of witnesses."

The events we celebrate at Easter are the events that make Jesus the Christ, our Savior and Redeemer. As President Hinckley said in his talk The Things of Which I Know...
"Mortality is but a stepping-stone to a more glorious existence in the future. The sorrow of death is softened with the promise of the Resurrection. There would be no Christmas if there were no Easter."
As I have taught my children about the importance and sacred meaning of Easter, I feel a bursting joy and a humbling satisfaction when I see them grasp these simple principles, understand them, and believe them.

Here are a few online Easter resources we have found to help your family remember the meaning of Easter and celebrate its special spirit.

Follow Him—An Easter Message about Jesus Christ

The Church released this animated video as part of its #Hallelujah campaign. It hasn't gained as much popularity but my kids love it more than the feature video. Other Church Easter videos can be found on the YouTube playlist linked above.

Combine Spiritual and Traditional Easters

For most people, the Easter Bunny defines Easter. However, if you're looking for a good way to combine the traditional bunny fun with Easter's true meaning the women at The Small Seed have it figured out. They have multiple posts with different ideas and activities to help everyone have a good time and feel the spirit.

Celebrate Holy Week

A trendy and fun thing to do with kids is to make the week leading up to Easter a special time to learn about the Savior, His Atonement, and resurrection. SugarDoodle has great printouts and activities for families and kids.

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