Three Tips For LDS Youth Heading Back To School

The back-to-school season is like a New Year in August. A time for new beginnings, setting new goals, and making changes to better oneself. The daily grind of tests, homework, and school can wear on anyone after a while, but I know that these three tips can bless the lives of LDS youth (or anyone really) heading into this new school year. 

1. Receive a Father's Blessing

Receiving a father's blessing at the beginning of a new school year is a common tradition among LDS families—this custom can be of great benefit to any and everyone heading into a new school year. These blessings can be simple yet comforting. God knows what trials and challenges lie ahead of you this school year, and he has given you parents to help you through them. Listen carefully to the words of encouragement, advice, and warning that are spoken. It will help build a bond with your father; one that you will need at some point over the next nine months. If needed, ask for this blessing from your home teacher or youth leader. Whatever you do, do not pass on this opportunity.

2. Reach / Get Your Patriarchal Blessing

President Ezra Taft Benson said that a patriarchal blessing is divine personal scripture for the individual receiving it. It can be a compass or Liahona for you as you navigate your teenage years and high school hallways. If you have already received your blessing, read and study it. It will be a strength to you when you need it.

The summer before my senior year of high school, I had a prompting to get my patriarchal blessing, but I ignored it and put it off until later. Looking back, I can see that the guidance from that blessing could have been very helpful and encouraging during my senior year. If you haven't received your patriarchal blessing yet, start preparing to do so. When you feel that you are ready, do not put it off. 

3. Establish a Righteous Morning Routine

School starts early. For many LDS youth, seminary starts even earlier. I get it. However, I know of the blessings that come with having a righteous routine in the morning. Your morning schedule doesn't have to be as structured or intense as a missionary's, but if you put the most important things first each day, you will be blessed for it. Your routine can be simple: personal prayer, read / study a scripture(s); pray, listen to a talk, or message from the Mormon Channel while you get ready; or look up the Church's Instagram or Facebook page during breakfast. Whatever you do, make a habit of inviting the Spirit into your life first thing so that you start your day off on the right foot. Try it and see the difference it makes. 

Andrew Devey is currently a marketing and social media specialist. He graduated from BYU with a degree in communications with an emphasis in public relations. He is also a sports junkie and dessert connoisseur. He is part Texan by marriage, but still longs for Big Sky Country, where he served his mission. He is married to Lisa, and what he loves most is being the father to his son and twin girls.

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