General Conference Coloring Pages

It's so fun to watch friends from high school grow up and do amazing and inspiring things with their creativity.  This week, one of those friends shares with us how she has used her talents to help her in finding the joy in General Conference and how she has been able to share that joy with others.

Hi, my name is Tomi Ann Hill. I’m a mom, a maker, and a lover of all things beautiful. My first creative love is hand lettering. For the last twenty years, I’ve been keeping my hands busy and my mind focused at church by doodling thousands of words in notebooks, on programs, and anywhere else I could find a blank spot of paper. This year I set a goal for myself: to help me “meditate upon the scriptures” – and help others do the same – I would create a coloring page each week that focused on a scripture that I was studying, and then offer it as a free download on my blog. The long process of drawing out the page gave me time to really ponder the meaning of the words in my own life, and the process of coloring it does the same for others. I also struggle with anxiety, sometimes severe, and I have found that giving myself time to relax and focus my mind on the words and creating is a huge help. My prayer is that these coloring pages will help people feel God’s love and have their own faith strengthened as they give themselves time to relax, focus, and ponder on His beautiful word.

As I listened to the talks at this general conference, the resounding theme to me was JOY! There is so much joy in Heavenly Father’s plan and in following the Savior. My favorite talk was Elder Nelson’s talk about how joy is empowering - I LOVE that! This quote and scripture both come from that talk.

*****Tomi Ann Hill is from Alpine, Utah , and is a wife and mom to some awesome people. You can keep up with her coloring pages and other creative adventures at @littlethingshappy on Instagram, or download her other scripture coloring pages from her blog at

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