Five Books To Read Before You Serve A Mission

During an LDS missionary's 18 - 24 months of service, he or she is encouraged to read only from the Missionary Reference Library, which includes: Jesus the Christ, Our Heritage: A Brief History of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Our Search for Happiness, and True to the Faith. That small library plus the standard works, Preach My Gospel, and other official Church publications are all a missionary should read while serving.

I remember wishing I had read a few "outside," uplifting, LDS resources before serving my mission. Reading these books before heading out will teach you valuable lessons and give you important principles to reflect on. Check out these five LDS mission prep books...

The Infinite Atonement -- Tad R. Callister

Brother Callister offers us what may be the most comprehensive, yet understandable, treatment of the Atonement in our day. He thoughtfully probes the infinite scope of this "great and last sacrifice," describing its power and breadth and explaining how the Atonement redeems us all.

The Power of Everyday Missionaries -- Clayton M. Christensen

In 2005, Elder Bednar said that the best way prepare to serve a mission is to become a missionary before you go. This book by Clayton Christensen teaches how to make being a missionary part of your everyday life. Practicing these skills before you serve will only enhance your ability to serve teh Lord once you're in the mission field. Likewise, you can teach members in the areas you serve many of the lessons talked about by Bro. Christensen and can help unite members and missionaries. 

What Every Future Missionary and Their Parents Need to Know -- Ed J. Pinegar

Understanding spiritual growth, claiming the knowledge and power available in the Lord's house, and fulfilling their own divine potential and responsibility are just part of what missionaries will experience. From deciding to serve to maintaining the vision after the mission, this book assists future missionaries and parents in preparing to hasten the work.

How to Be an Extraordinary Missionary -- John Bytheway

Brother Bytheway identifies specific differences that set apart great missionaries from good missionaries. It's a quick and simple read that is fun yet powerful.

100 Character Traits of the Whole Hearted Missionary -- George Durrant

Brother Durrant has identified 100 principles to help today's missionaries. With tips on loving investigators, developing discipline, and finding the right balance between humor and seriousness, this helpful book is full of time-tested advice designed to help current missionaries improve and future missionaries prepare.

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  1. my favorite book was (I believe) The challenging & testifying missionary by Alvin R Dyer (probably out of print)!