4 Things I Wish Parents Understood about Protecting Their Children from Pornography

As societies across the globe become more and more accepting of immorality, it can sometimes feel like protecting our families from the onslaught of pornography is an insurmountable task. What can we do to stem the tide? As a parent, I worry about the risk that my own children will be exposed to pornography in spite of my efforts to protect them. As a bishop, I pray earnestly for the Youth in my ward (and around the world) to recognize the seriousness of the threat pornography presents to all of us individually and to our society collectively. I applaud Youth everywhere who resist the pull of pornography and find the strength to say “No!” when pornography knocks at their door, or worse yet, when it barges into their lives totally uninvited.

Uplifting Easter Resources

One of my favorite general authority quotes comes from Elder Bruce R. McConkie when he said...
"How do we know that Jesus is the Christ? It's because he was resurrected.
How do we know that Jesus was resurrected? It's because of witnesses."

4 Non-LDS Books Sure to Inspire Your Faith

Truth is all around us and comes in many various forms. I enjoy finding truths in the diverse books I read – whether it be books about parenting, fiction, historical, biographies, or self-help. One of life’s great joys is to open a book and learn from its pages, to be inspired, to feel, and to grow. A favorite daily endeavor of mine is to listen to audio-books as I ride the subway every day. Time after time, I’ve found myself feeling uplifted, inspired, more compassionate, and with a commitment to myself to be a better person – which is amazing to me given the hectic surroundings around me. Here are four of my favorite books that have been an inspiration to me.

Abraham Lincoln – A Man of Faith and Courage
by Joe Wheeler

13 Common Idioms with Scriptural Roots

It’s no secret that the English language is “chock full” of idioms, short figurative expressions we use to “paint a picture” with our words. But what may surprise you is that some of the most common idioms we use have scriptural roots. This week we share 13 of our favorites. See how many of these references you already knew!

Six Talks to Help You Better Understand the Sacrament

As as child, I remember looking for and picking the biggest piece of bread in each sacrament tray that passed me. As a youth, I looked forward to the sacrament because it gave me some quiet time to sort my thoughts and reflect on the previous day's game. Making sure my mind and heart are in the proper place has always been a struggle for me, even now, as most Sundays I am trying to wrangle my three kids and make sure they are quiet and reverent during the week's most sacred minutes. However, I have found that when I am prepared, focused, and willing, the few fleeting moments of the weekly sacrament can bring strength and peace and make my Sabbath Day holy. Here are six talks that can help us understand and get more out of the sacramental time we have each week.