How Pizza Strengthened My Testimony

I have often found myself repeating this phrase, “It has come to pass; it has not come to stay.” I use it to channel and concentrate my efforts to maintain a positive perspective during the trying times of my life. My own experiences include trials such as group projects, illnesses and being the “new kid” at school or work; though the concept could apply to any kind of difficulty. These last few weeks I have pondered how this concept of endurance has made an impact on my state of mind and in my life. I wondered what the most impactful experience that I had while channeling this idea was.

Some of you may be empathetic, but I imagine that most will be surprised by the answer: wedding planning.

Quarterbacking Through the Ups and Downs of Life -- Texas A&M Quarterback Trevor Knight

The LDS youth in College Station, Texas had a recent fireside where the speakers weren’t members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but were Christian athletes from Texas A&M University. This is part two of three in a series highlighting the events and stories told from that evening.

Former Texas A&M quarterback, Trevor Knight, doesn’t remember a time when he didn’t love sports. From an early age, he could be found with a ball in his hand and dressed like the athletes he watched on TV. Not only did he love playing sports; he was good at them, too. Really good.

“Me and my twin were bigger kids growing up, and we would have to bring our birth certificates to T-ball games to prove our age,” Knight said. “Some parents would get a little upset because I would hit an inside the park home run, then my brother, who is a little bit bigger than me, would hit it over the fence every at bat."

Knight didn’t only see success on the T-ball diamond, but in other sports as well—especially football. As a sophomore in high school, Knight was named starting varsity quarterback, a big deal in Texas where high school football is revered.