Is Easter Pointless?

I love the first couple of weeks after any major holiday, Easter is no exception. As my ever so thrifty mother and grandmother have taught me, the best deals for next year’s holidays happen just after this year’s. I have observed time and time again that upon entering any major retailer for the first couple of weeks after a holiday there will be found many discounted eggs, decorations and cheap chocolate. The deals are unbeatable and who doesn’t like to stock up?

I recently went to the store for exactly this reason. As I perused the aisles I observed that, though there were bunnies and chicks and eggs, there weren’t near as many decorations or themes as there are for other holidays. This brought to mind a conversation that I recently overheard exploring the apparent lack of purpose for Easter and asking why we even celebrated such a boring holiday. A boring holiday… I have to admit that at times the reason for the season can be forgotten behind the egg hunts and dresses and baskets. But Easter is the farthest from “boring” or “pointless” that it could be.

Al Fox Carraway, a public LDS speaker and author posted this explanation:
“When we celebrate Easter, we’re celebrating everything that we wouldn’t have if it weren’t for Christ. We wouldn’t have eternal families. We wouldn’t have resurrection or eternal life at all. We would die & that would be the end of everything.
"If it weren’t for Christ, we wouldn’t have real happiness. We wouldn’t have hope during trials or hope in the future. We wouldn’t have guidance. Warnings. Forgiveness. Repentance. Healing. Strength. Comfort. A chance to change. Miracles. Blessings. Eternity.”
Easter is the celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection! Just as Christmas is a celebration of His birth, Easter is a celebration of His rebirth and of the physical embodiment of hope and second chances for each one of us. When we celebrate Easter we are celebrating everything that is good and everything that truly matters. Easter represents our opportunity to change and progress.

Easter is anything but pointless, it is the celebration of the literal point of everything! The feeling of newness and beauty of the spring time encourages us to continue celebrating every day. We should enjoy the little things like after-holiday sales, but we should truly celebrate the beautiful life and hope that Jesus Christ has given us.

Koby Lopez is 22 years old and happily married. She and her husband are both studying at Texas A&M University and are enjoying their newlywed/student life, but are also excited to graduate and start a family. Koby loves surprises and tries to focus on the little things in life. Her personal motto is "preparation brings blessings."

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