A Fix for Fear


It comes to all of us in many different forms for a million different reasons.

In The Book of Mormon, in Mosiah chapter 23, Alma and his people were prospering in the land of Helam when a Lamanite army made their appearance. We all have our own armies appear daily in the forms of fear, anxiety, stress etc. Whether it’s fear of an unknown future or a natural disaster, something currently happening that’s anxiety inducing or stressful, or just feeling scared from a circumstance we can't control—perhaps that my toddler won’t make it in time to go to the bathroom in a public place—the armies always come.

But there’s a solution. Verses 26-28 in that same chapter state:
Now it came to pass that the brethren of Alma fled from their fields, and gathered themselves together in the city of Helam; and they were much frightened because of the appearance of the Lamanites. But Alma went forth and stood among them, and exhorted them that they should not be frightened, but that they should remember the Lord their God and he would deliver them. Therefore they hushed their fears.

The people were afraid, and Alma said to remember the Lord: such a simple solution to such an all-consuming, destructive emotion.

Therefore they hushed their fears.

Prophet Spencer W. Kimball has said that perhaps the greatest word in the entire dictionary is the word remember. Remembering the Lord gives us a perspective and peace that nothing else can bring.

We covenant at baptism to remember Jesus Christ and then weekly renew those covenants when we partake of the sacrament. In turn, we are promised to have the Holy Ghost with us. The Holy Ghost brings all things to our remembrance. By partaking of the sacrament and being worthy of the Holy Ghost, we can have even more help remembering.

What are more ways we can remember Him?

Scripture Study

I’m not perfect at this. But I try to read every morning. I use a study guide from the Red Headed Hostess website which I love. It helps keep my focus and I’ve been learning and feeling a lot. In the scriptures we find peace, faith, and comfort—all opposite to fear.

Temple Attendance

Because we have young kids at home, my husband and I each go to the temple monthly but on a different night. Temples are a place where we make covenants with God (for example, marriage). Doing initiatories in the temple have recently been our go-to since they take a little less time. Some months we do endowment sessions. In the temple, we remember our covenants. And when we remember our covenants, it becomes pretty difficult to be fearful.


Again, I’m not perfect at any of this, but I do try to say a morning prayer and my husband and I always pray before bed. I like to have a prayer in my heart throughout the day, or pray when I’m driving or just think it in my head! This helps me turn to the Savior.

Having Pictures (or quotes) of Christ/Temples in our Home

I love the spirit that is brought into our home when there are uplifting pictures and quotes around! It makes a difference. Put your focus on Christ through what you see and listen to.

Church Attendance

By weekly partaking of the sacrament we get to renew our covenants, promising to remember the Savior, and in turn have His Spirit—the Comforter—with us. I’m not sure the solution to fear can get simpler than that.

It takes persistence and patience, but as we do these things they become habits, which can create a basis of faith in our lives.

President Uchtdorf has said: 
“In our homes, in our places of business, in our Church callings, in our hearts, let us replace fear with Christ’s perfect love. Christ’s love will replace fear with faith! His love will enable us to recognize, trust, and have faith in our Heavenly Father’s goodness, His divine plan, His gospel, and His commandments.”

I know that when we turn to Christ, we have no need to fear. We just have to remember Him and our fears can be hushed, too.

Jessica Dyer currently lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina where her husband is pursuing a PhD in Accounting at UNC and is loving all of the great sunshine and basketball that Chapel Hill has to offer. She is a mom to two cute little kids and to one angel baby. She graduated from BYU in English Language and Editing but has had the opportunity right now to be at home with the kids and is loving all the crazy and fun that comes with that.

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