One Choice

I was living the perfect life. I was a 12 year-old kid in 6th grade with a lot of friends and a good life at home. I was also very active in sports. It was coming to the end of the school year in May and I was on a baseball team with some of my classmates at school. Let's say that the baseball team was called the “Tigers”. I loved playing on that team. I was pretty good at baseball and my team was good, although I wouldn’t play on Sundays because it is against what I believe and my religion so I chose not to attend my baseball games and practices on Sundays. My coach was not very fond of me missing out on those events, but I still continued to miss them throughout the baseball season. I was fine missing out and it didn’t impact me very much the rest of the season. The season ended in August and come November my plan was to tryout for the Tigers again until I received an email from my coach.

The email said that if I wasn’t willing to play on Sundays then I wouldn’t have a spot on the team the next year. I was very upset when I got the email. I had to think long and hard about my morals and what I value. I came to a conclusion that my religion and my beliefs are more important than playing a sport. I decided to email my coach and tell him that I wouldn’t be trying out for his team next year. I had a hard time finding a baseball team that wouldn’t play on Sundays because that was the day designated for practice and some games. I eventually tried out for lacrosse and it was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I know that if you follow your beliefs that the best will come from doing what you think is right and that there is always a plan for you.

One choice is brought upon me.
Sports or my beliefs, which mean a lot to me.
A lot of opinions coming from my family.
There is a right choice that I can see.
The question is who do I want to be?
Although one choice is brought upon me.

All of my friends have given their opinion.
Each choice is supported by a million.
All of these choices put me in a tough position.
One choice is an old tradition strongly followed by my religion.
So many choices but only one can I choose.
I just want one that won’t leave me with the blues.

I have made my choice and it is clear to me.
The choice is supported by my family.
The choice I have made feels right.
In my mind there has been a fight.
Should I choose left or right.
The choice I made holds me tight
And allows me to sleep all throughout the night.

— Jake Risenmay

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