Gentle Grace

As I sit here, Bible in hand,
reading about the birth of Christ,
I see in my mind’s eye, Mary,
and the tenderness in her eyes.

The Babe upon her shoulder,
her own face turned t’ward His.
A hallowed moment as her lips
just brush Him with a kiss.

It is not a smile…
I see there on her face,
but rather an amazement,
a bit of awe, and gentle grace.

A flicker of mem’ry,
a holy angel’s face.
Words spoken that had
caused her young and tender heart to race.

Now here she was, a mother!
Just as the angel said.
Her whole life new before her,
wond’ring where His feet would tread.

She’d live to see Him grow in wisdom,
in favor with God and man.
To heal the sick and raise the dead
with a word, or touch of His hand.

To teach His Father’s gospel of love,
forgiveness and mercy extend
to take upon Him the sins of all men,
lay down His life, and rise again.

I hope that we can be as strong,
gentle, and wise as she.
That through the pains and trials of life
we’ll dwell on eternity.

And not just now, but all year long,
extend to our fellowman,
wherever we may find the need…
our love and a helping hand.

Barbara Gail “Inkey” Tatum
5 September 2017

May the Good Lord grant each of us His gentle grace and mercy as we in turn extend it to others.

Koby Dudley is the loudest and proudest member of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of 2017. After double majoring in Spanish and Communication for her Bachelor’s degrees, she plans to pursue a Master’s degree and a career in the field of Bilingual Speech Language Pathology. Koby loves surprises and tries to focus on the little things in life. Her personal motto is "preparation brings blessings."

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